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Grow your business with CoolJobzHRM. An integrated Human Resources Management Software that adapts to the changing world of work and makes you easily manage your talents. Sign Up For Your Trial CoolJobzHRM For Free!

Everything in one place

From attracting and identifying talents to recording and analyzing HR data, manage all your HR activities online.

Manage your talents

A full suite of HRM application offers Talent Acquisition, Interview Processing, Payroll, Leave Management, Attendance Management, Employee Messaging portal and Appraisal functions.  

Access from anywhere using any device

Whenever you want, wherever you want, and whichever device you use - just connect to the internet.

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Why us?

HR Expert

CoolJobz not only brings to you HRM tech expertise but also a HR expert with many years’ experience in recruiting, thus delivering a complete HRM solution.

Do the heavy lifting for you

CoolJobz can handle tasks that used to take up all your time. From attracting and identifying talent to writing appraisals. Easily record all HR activities online.


How to benefit from us?

For Employer

Meet your business objective/strategies

  • Monitor all the tasks and processes in real-time.
  • Help you develop measurable and indicative key performance indicators to enhance the effectiveness of your operations.

Reduce operational costs/headcount

  • Improve overall efficiency in organizations
  • Reduce the dependency on paper-based HR systems
For HR

Simplifying HR activities

  • Take care of various HR functions online in one system
  • Reduce time spent on routine tasks
  • Reduce errors which tend to obstruct the way to success.

Increase ability to run HR analytics

  • Standardize HR data
  • Enhance the ability to access and analyze reports in real time which has led to a reduction in time
  • Easily identify trends in organizations, such as leaves, recruitment and new development opportunities.


Our Features

CoolJobzHRM cooperates with the recruitment advantages of our platform to help you deal with many HRM processes, including Talent Acquisitions, Interview Processing, Employee Portfolio Maintenance, and CV Saving.

Talent Acquisitions

As a leading job portal in Hong Kong, CoolJobz attracts many job-seekers to visit our website. Employers can create their job advertisements on our platform and find the right talent easily.

Interview Processing

A set of applicant evaluation systems for HR and a freely customizable scoring interface for the enterprise human resources department to perform different scoring for the applicants.

CoolJobzHRM will also provide a scoring interface template to meet the needs of SMEs. It is equipped with a computer and mobile device interface, convenient for real-time scoring.

Upcoming Features

Payroll Calculation

The salary calculation module complies with current legislation. It enables HR colleagues to handle complex payroll procedures efficiently and automatically handle leave, vacation, and overtime pay.

It also includes:

    • Tax Reporting
    • MPF Management
    • Claims Management

Leave Management

It supports various types of vacations under multiple policies and allows calculating vacation benefits and vacation reserve balances.

Attendance Management

Fully integrated with salary and vacation management, and it allows flexible shift and schedule management for employees.


It supports connections between HR and internal staff, and also the applicants of your job postings.


Create a fair process for all employees with our science-backed templates and expert guidance.

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1. Is CoolJobzHRM free to use?

You can enjoy a free trail to access all features for 60 days.

2. What kind of support or training CoolJobzHRM offers?

We provide online videos and live workshops. You can easily register our events online.

3. Why should you choose CoolJobzHRM?

CoolJobz not only brings to you HRM tech expertise but also a HR expert with many years’ experience in recruiting, thus delivering a complete HRM solution.



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