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Grow your business with CoolJobzHRM
An integrated talent management software that adapts to the ever-changing world of work and lets you manage your talent with ease.
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The COVID-19 pandemic has changed the business environment.

Work from home is now more common than ever. This new normal has become a challenge to human resource management.

As the way people work has switched from traditional offices to online and from centralised to decentralised, managing the talents of a company has become a huge challenge.
In CoolJobz, we have over 20 years of experience in Telent / Human Resources solutions, with our enormous talent pool, we can provide the best Talent / Human Resources Management Consulting Service and Recruiting Solution to help you cope with the ever-changing Human Resources environment.

CoolJobzHRM aims to combine Technology and Talent Management, making talent management more structured and systematic. We believe that talents are the most valuable asset a company has.


Two Advantages of CoolJobzHRM

1. Talent Filtering and Recruiting Management System

The traditional way of recruitment is a time consuming and inefficient process. Finding the best fit for the job vacancy can take months. CoolJobzHRM provides a full suite of talent screening functions that takes care of every aspect of your talent management needs. The Resume Management to Personality Assessment, Ability Analysis and Interview Evaluation, etc., can help companies screen the best talents and ensure that companies recruit the most suitable talents for your company. For employees, our appraisal system provides a fair and systematic way to review the performance of your employees. By providing new insights in managing your talents, your business will reach the next level.

2. Office Process Management System

Office work can be really time consuming, keeping attendance records, loads of back-and-forth emails and forms. Those paperworks eats up your time better spent on other more important tasks. CoolJobzHRM provides a smarter way to handle those office work for you. Payroll Calculations, Vacation Calculations and Shift Scheduling etc. all these repetitive routine work are simplified by our office management system.


The Most Enterprising Software

Everything in One Place

CoolJobzHRM is a Web-based application, no download and installation are required. Just log in to our website and our HRM system is at your service.

Accessible from Anywhere with Any Device

Whenever you want, wherever you want, and whichever device you use - just connect to the internet and you can start managing your staff in CoolJobzHRM.

Affordable Price, Free Updates

CoolJobzHRM will update continuously based on the needs of users, with no extra cost.


Why us?

Human Resource Specialist

The CoolJobz team has over 10 years of experience in Talent Management, Human Resources and Recruitment. We understand human resource management issues and are committed to providing complete human resource management solutions. We have an in-depth understanding on human resource management and provide an all-round HRM solution.

Experienced Technology Team

The Technical Team of the CoolJobz team consists of elites from various fields, including front-end and back-end development engineers, and UI/UX designers,etc. With extensive experience in software development, we can provide solutions according to different talent management needs.

Human Resources and Technology Integration

CoolJobz combines Talent Management and Technology, getting rid of the traditional Human Resources concept, and providing professional and new talent management solutions for every industry. Replacing the tedious management tasks with our new talent management system allows you to manage your talent more efficiently while attracting top talent.


Benefit of CoolJobzHRM

For Employer

Meet your business objective/strategies

  • Monitor all the tasks and processes in real-time.
  • Help you develop measurable and indicative key performance indicators to enhance the effectiveness of your operations.

Reduce operational costs / headcount

  • Improve overall efficiency in organizations
  • Reduce the dependency on paper-based HR systems

For Human Resources

Simplifying HR processes

  • Take care of various HR functions online in one system
  • Reduce time spent on routine tasks
  • Reduce errors which tend to obstruct the way to success.
  • Increase ability to run HR analytics

Standardize HR data

  • Enhance the ability to access and analyze reports in real time which helps you to reduce time costs.
  • Easily identify trends in organizations, such as leaves, recruitment and new development opportunities.


Our Features

CoolJobzHRM cooperates with the recruitment advantages of our platform to help you deal with many HRM processes, including Talent Acquisitions, Interview Processing, Employee Portfolio Maintenance, and CV Saving.

1. Talent Filtering and Recruiting Management System

Module 1: Job Position
Allows you to create job positions in your company page. You can specify the job description, requirements, benefits etc. These job positions help you to manage job applications with ease.
Module 2: Applicant Tracking
Our Applicant Tracking System allows you to manage all your applicants in one place. You can view every candication information, arrange an interview with our interview rating system and monitor the entire hiring process with ease.
Module 3: Talent Acquisitions
As a leading job portal in Hong Kong, CoolJobz attracts many job-seekers to visit our website. Employers can customise job positions and advertise it on our platform to reach the right talent easily.
Module 4: Resume Management
Upload and management candidates' resumes. Stores candidate information neatly for a database.
Module 5: Interview Processing
A set of applicant evaluation systems for HR and a freely customizable scoring interface for the enterprise human resources department to perform different scoring for the applicants. CoolJobzHRM will also provide a scoring interface template to meet the needs of SMEs. It is equipped with a computer and mobile device interface, convenient for real-time scoring.
Coming Features
Module 6: Assessment / Testing
Create a fair process for all talents with our science-backed templates and expert guidance.
Module 7: Talent Review
Listing the talent's performance and arrange next action accordingly.
Module 8: Reporting and Analyzing
Virtualised report of CoolJobzHRM, shows the talent's performance of the hiring report.

2. Office Process Management System

Module 9: Payroll Calculation
The salary calculation module complies with current legislation. It enables HR colleagues to handle complex payroll procedures efficiently and automatically handle leave, vacation, and overtime pay. It also includes:
  • Tax Reporting
  • MPF Management
Module 10: Attendance Management
Keep track of your employee hours and document the time your employees work and the time they take off. Fully integrated with salary and vacation management, and it allows flexible shift and schedule management for employees.
Module 11: Leave Management
Easy leave application and approval, supports various types of vacations under multiple policies and allows calculating vacation benefits and leave balances.
Module 12: Shift Scheduling
An intuitive roster builder helps you to roster your workers into hourly or daily shifts. The simplest way to create timetables, just select the names of your staff and branches to work and you're set. Working hours and attendance will also be calculated on payroll automatically.
Module 13: Claim Management
Claiming involves a lot of paperwork and administrative process. Our claim system helps you to simplify the process of claiming and reduce time cost. Just a few clicks and your claim application will be sent to your claim manager.
Coming Features
Module 14: Orientation Enquiry
It supports connections between HR and internal staff, and also the applicants of your job postings.
Module 15: Assessment / Appraisal / Staff Review and Training
It allows the manager to analyses the current and past performance of an individual. Providing a user-friendly marking system and template for manager's reference. The result can be stored for future reference to assess the overall performance for the company. Listing all the staff based on their position and arrange training accordingly.
Module 16: Reporting and Analyzing
Generate a report of overall HR statistics including employee performance, department performance etc.








CoolJobzHRM 的兩大優勢

1. 人才篩選及招聘管理系統

一間企業由有職位空缺開始到正式完成招聘入職,過程漫長兼沒有效率。CoolJobzHRM 提供了全方位人才篩選的功能,可滿足企業在人才管理的各種需要。從簡歷管理、人格測試、能力分析和面試評估等功能,幫助企業篩選及尋找最優秀的人才。對於您當前的員工,我們的評估系統亦提供了一種公平和系統的方式來審視您的員工的表現。通過提供管理人才的新見解,企業的業務將更上一層樓。

2. 辦公室流程管理系統

辦公室工作真的很耗時,每天面對大量的表格和電子郵件未處理,重複的程序佔用了您寶貴的時間,我們認為您的時間應更好地花在其他更重要任務上。因此CoolJobzHRM 為您提供了一種更智能的方式來處理這些辦公室工作,如工資計算、假期計算和輪班安排等,都可通過我們的辦公室流程管理系統為你簡化重複性高的日常工作。




CoolJobzHRM 是一個網絡應用程序(Web-Based Application),無需下載和安裝。只需登錄我們的網站,我們的人才管理系統就會為您服務。


無論何時何地,無論您使用何種設備,只要連接到互聯網,您就可以開始在 CoolJobzHRM 中管理您的員工。


CoolJobzHRM 隨著時代及客戶需要,將不定時為軟件作出升級,企業無需再花大量金錢及資源將軟件更新。




CoolJobz 團隊擁有超過 10 年人才管理、人力資源和招聘方面經驗。我們了解人力資源管理的問題,並致力於提供完整的人力資源管理解決方案。


CoolJobz 團隊的技術團隊由各個範疇的精英組成,包括前端和後端開發工程師,及UI/UX設計師等。擁有豐富的軟件開發經驗,能根據不同人才管理的需求提供針對性的解決方案。


CoolJobz 致力於結合人才管理與科技,擺脫傳統的人力資源概念,為各行各業提供專業而嶄新的人才管理方案。擺脫過去繁複的管理工作讓你招攬頂尖人才的同時更有效率地管理你的人才。





  • 實時監控所有任務和流程
  • 幫助您制定可衡量和指示性的關鍵績效指標,以提高您的運營效率。


  • 提高組織的整體效率
  • 減少對紙本人力資源系統的依賴



  • 在一個系統中處理各種人力資源職能
  • 減少花在日常工作上的時間
  • 減少成功之路上的阻礙
  • 提高運行 HR 分析的能力


  • 增強實時訪問和分析報告的能力,幫助您降低時間成本
  • 輕鬆識別企業中的趨勢,例如離職、招聘和新的發展機會



CoolJobzHRM 配合我們平台的招聘優勢,幫助您處理許多人力資源管理流程,包括人才獲取、面試處理、員工檔案維護和簡歷保存。

1. 人才篩選及招聘管理系統

模塊 1:職位建立
模塊 2:申請人追踪
模塊 3:人才招募
CoolJobz 作為香港領先的求職門戶網站,我們的網站吸引了大量求職者瀏覽。雇主可以自定義職位並在我們的平台上進行宣傳,以輕鬆找到合適的人才。
模塊 4:履歷管理
模塊 5:面試流程處理
一套針對求職者評價系統和一個可自由定制的評分界面,供企業人力資源部門對求職者進行不同的評分。CoolJobzHRM 還將提供評分界面系統,以滿足中小企業的需求。並且配備電腦和移動設備接口,方便實時評分。
模塊 6:人才評估/測試
模塊 7:人才審查
模塊 8:報告和分析

2. 辦公室流程管理系統

模塊 9:工資計算
工資計算模塊符合現行法規。它使 HR 同事能夠有效地處理複雜的工資單程序,並自動處理休假、假期和加班費。它還包括:
  • 報稅
  • 強積金管理
模塊 10:考勤管理
模塊 11:休假管理
模塊 12:輪班安排
模塊 13:索償管理
模塊 14:入職查詢
模塊 15:員工評估 / 審查和培訓
模塊 16:報告和分析






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